Great Things Are Happening at Hoff & Leigh.

Good Morning!

There is a chill in the air and I love it. The leaves are golden and it’s a lovely fall in Colorado. A lot of great things are happening at Hoff & Leigh.

First, although most of you know since I was a nervous wreck last week, we got an offer on our house. Drum roll please…full price offer in less than 24 hours! RD thinks I priced it too low. It’s been a point of recent contention. But remember, real estate is about life and we wanted to get it sold! So, hopefully all goes to plan and by the time the company Christmas party rolls around (can’t wait to see you, Ed Matzules) we will have ourselves a new party house.

Ok- enough about me…

I’d like to officially Welcome Tom’s new team member to Hoff & Leigh, Lissette Messick. Welcome! Tom started by himself less than 3 years ago. Tom’s office has grown to 6 people. We are really excited to have you on-board, Lissette!

There are a couple things I was particularly proud of this week. We recently hired a new office manager. This is a very difficult position to fill. Interviews are always hard because you really never know about a person until they start working. In the past three or so weeks, I have seen the front desk make a transformation. Jamie – you are doing a great job. We are really glad to have your on-board. I look at our small, but highly efficient admin team and I get really excited about your future. Our admin group is the core of what makes our engine run.  I feel like we are revving up and well oiled!

To that end, I also want to tell RD and my Dad I am proud of them. RD and my Dad are complete opposites. Combine personality differences, a bad market, changing roles…it’s not easy. Things are finally starting to click. I feel like we are revving up and well oiled.

We are set up for a strong 2013 thanks to all the great people at Hoff & Leigh. I have a gut feeling it is going to be the best year ever since I have been at Hoff & Leigh. Let’s kick off the first quarter of 2013 right by finishing strong in Q4 2012. So, guess what starts on Monday??? No. Not the next season of American Idol. What’s that Uncle Steve? You’re right! Q4 Home Run Competition. I have heard rumors that the great leasing legend, who goes by the name of “The Uncle,” already has about 14 points in the queue.. That means we all need to step it up if we are going to even have a chance.

Just so you know, we have official referees this year. Andrea and Emily will be the final decision makers on what counts as a point and what doesn’t. No bribes allowed. Seriously, don’t mess with them…sometimes they even scare me….in a good way.

Thank you everyone for a great week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Holly A. Trinidad


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