Q4 Home Run Award – Week 1

Q4 Home Run Award is finally here!

I have been told, not naming any names, (Tom and Craig) some people have asked how they can “butter up” the refs. Fat chance.

With a total of 15 points, Steve is killing the rest of us! Dang!  See attached for the full report.

Hoff & Leigh National Q4 Competition week 1Side note- I hate packing.

RD and I decided since we will be moving in a few short weeks, we better get on the ball.

Reasons I hate packing:

RD and I differ in opinion when it comes to keeping or throwing out certain items. For example, RD wants to keep everything. I would rather live a streamlined, uncluttered life.  Of course, the difference in what to keep and what to toss, lead to a heated debate. I hate packing.

Then, we discovered some items I haven’t seen in years. For example, I found my high school yearbooks. Awesomeness; the terrible high school photos, the awkward messages written in the back of the yearbook, the fun walk down memory lane, etc. I tried to pack my yearbooks up before RD could make the discovery, but he noticed I was acting funny and demanded I show him what I had in hand. And of course, RD read all the joyous messages back to me. I hate packing.

The worst part of all of this “reminiscing” is that RD requested I give him the name of my high school boyfriend so he could look him up in my senior yearbook. Ugh. That guy was the biggest turd-looser ever. Yes. Ever. I am not exaggerating. I would have hated to be my parents during the time I dated that kid. Funny thing was, he was such a turd that he didn’t graduate and his photo wasn’t to be found in the yearbook! Praise Allah! Still, I hate packing.

Ok, but let’s be honest, there’s always a bright side to most things in life.  Right?

While packing, something kind if awesome happened. The house RD and I are buying was built buy a local astronaut in the 1960’s, and he was famous within our community. I remember meeting James Irwin in kindergarten as a guest speaker. In fact, I was one of the lucky kids in the class because he autographed a photo of himself on the moon and wrote, “Holly, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” When we toured our new house for the first time, I saw a photo of Mr. Irwin on the moon sitting on a side table. I remembered meeting him, and being the sentimental person that I am, it made me like the house even more. Sadly, I had no clue where my autographed picture was located and was almost sure it was lost. I told RD, “How cool would it be if I would have kept that photo?” RD’s comment, “Well, if you didn’t throw out everything, you would still have it!” Dang it. Good point, RD.

Cut to today: as I was packing and sorting through many of our items, I came across an old box filled with what I thought was “junk.” As I pulled out dusty item one after another, I discovered a gem- the autographed photo of Mr. James Irwin.

In our business, the motto Irwin wrote on the photograph really pulls on the heartstrings because honestly, it’s what we do in our daily lives at home and work.  I encourage you to remember next week, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”

I guess I don’t hate packing after all.



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