What Does Culture Mean to You?

Hello All:

Q4 Standings are attached:Hoff & Leigh National Q4 Competition







1)Steve Leigh: 23 points (by the way, how the heck is this possible?)

2)Tim Leigh: 11 points

3)Todd Ogden, Whitney Johnson, and myself tied for 3rd: 5 points

Salt Lake is officially on the Scoreboard- way to go guys!

My Weekend Thus Far…

I had a long, and what transpired into, a morbid report written about a friend who is currently battling cancer. Than I thought, “If I had to read what I just wrote, I would become depressed.” The point of my story was going to be life is too short, so make the best of it.

Instead of making everyone depressed, I thought I would rather reflect on my weekend thus far, which started yesterday when the Delorenzo family got into town.

Craig Delorenzo, affectionately nicknamed “Craigy” or “DeLo” started with Hoff & Leigh as our second agent within the Network expansion. Craig and his family have become great friends.

It’s been 5 years since we started the journey with the Hoff & Leigh Network.

On Thursday, we met with a woman whose sole responsibility is to be the “Queen of Culture” at her respective job. She asked us, “What does ‘Culture’ mean at Hoff & Leigh?”

Reflecting on my weekend with the Delo Family, and the questioned asked of me on Thursday morning at breakfast, I think our culture is revolves around creating invaluable relationships, loving what we do, and supporting the people and successes we encounter along the way.

Encouragement for the upcoming week: Take time to make contact with another agent not in your office. Spend a couple minutes learning about this person and their market. You won’t regret it!

Things to note: Company Christmas party is December 7th. The day before we will have a marketing best practices seminar.  If you can’t make it out in time for the meeting, we can video conference you in.

Have a great Saturday!



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