Good morning Hoff & Leigh Family:

Scoreboard Standings:

Hoff & Leigh Q4 Competition Scoreboard_week 3Top Three are as Follows:

Steve Leigh: 31

Tim Leigh: 12

Todd Ogden: 7

Last year our champ, Whitney Johnson,  won with 33 points. Steve- you’re killing it! Also let me remind you’ll, we have several other awards that will be given out at the Christmas Party-

MVSP- Most Valuable Sales Person

Red and White Spirit Award

Rookie of the Year

** New Award this year: Hercules Award- agent who has overcome great odds and shown significant growth during the last fiscal year.

This last week was a good one. Several stories worth telling.

First, my Dad and I visited the Salt Lake Office. The new office looks fabulous and I can’t wait to go back. Furthermore, we got to see some of their listings. They have really nice product in Salt Lake. Their industrial buildings look like our office buildings. Their streets are clean. Everything is landscaped…and they have In and Out Burger. What more could one ask for in a market?

Thanks for letting us tag along for the day!

Second story- Tom called me on Friday and asked me if I wanted to here a funny story. Always looking for good forms of entertainment, I agreed.

He tells me he and Craig drove to a new listing to put up a sign. As they are installing the sign, a neighbor walks over from the other side of the street. The neighbor offers them $5,000 in cash not to install the sign.

Being good agents, they tell the guy they can’t not install the sign, but he is more than welcome to make an offer. Apparently, the neighbor’s landlord owns everything in the area and he would like to move and own his property. The neighbor invites them to his building for lunch.

Long story short, the guys leave with not only a free lunch, but a fully executed contract, $10K non-refundable earnest money, and a 20 day closing.

Listings. Listings. Listings. Listings. Get more listings.  Proof is in the pudding.

Have a great week!



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