3 Years Ago…

Hoff & Leigh Broker Contest

  1. The Unstoppable Uncle Steve: 38 points!!!
  2. Holly Trinidad: 15
  3. Tim Leigh: 14

Think back to 3 years ago. What a difference a relatively small amount of time makes.

  • 3 years ago RD and I lived in our little 31st street house.
  • 3 years ago we had 1 dog and no kids.
  • 3 years ago the economy was so bad the government would pay you for your “junker car.”
  • 3 years ago I didn’t know many of you.
  • And 3 years ago this month we opened our first “branch/ franchise” office with the highest hopes and a dwindling savings account.

November 1st, 2009, Tom Franjesh who owns and operates our Akron office, signed his paperwork to start the first branch of HLN. And just like that, we were off to the races. Later that day, I distinctly remember sitting at my desk thinking, “Now this really does have to work.” This though was promptly followed by a shower of fear that washed over me internally. But there was no looking back, so the only option was to succeed. 

And with time the “shower of fear” turned into an overwhelming internal feeling of excitement that’s hard to explain- the calculated outcome Tom Franjesh First Hoff & Leigh Listinghappened- success.

Clayton Hunt, who is one of our principals in SLC, said something the first time we met that stuck with me, “How can you truly test a partnership in the short span of one year? You can’t.” How very true.  Really, how can you test anything in the span of 1 year? Success takes time.

It has been 3 years since November 2009 when Tom “signed up.” We’ve been tested a lot.  Luckily, our struggles have made us stronger and will help us continue to grow a vibrant business. For that Tom, I can’t thank you enough for being such a great business partner and more importantly, friend. I’ve personally learned a lot through watching your sound business ethics and principals. You’ve been a blessing in our lives and I can’t wait for the many years of success to come.

Congrats on your third year in business! Below is a photo I took of Tom at his first Hoff & Leigh listing. That was a great day.

Wonder what we will be doing in three years from now…

Holly A. Trinidad


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