Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you ate too much, took a nap, and spent time with great people

Here is what I am Thankful for:

Andrea: Being awesome- that’s not a cop out for something cooler. You really are awesome. Thank you.
Whitney: Your positive attitude.
Steve Leigh: Teaching me the real meaning of loyalty.
Dad: Teaching me to chase dreams and do what you love.
Jenny: How much you love your daughters and the passion you bring to your deals and life.
RD: For spending all day yesterday hanging Christmas lights because you knew our house is such a mess I couldn’t put up my annual “day after Thanksgiving” tree. Good trade off.  Oh, and the fact you just downed a pint of ice cream. It makes me feel better about my huge abs right now. These simple things are the tip of the iceberg.
Emily: That we speak the same language and that you make my life easier by always going above and beyond.
Togden: For being the coolest person I know.
Jerry: For joining us for the 4th of July parade and being a positive light to the team in Ohio.
John C: For being easy going and never hearing any complaints.
Craig: That fact you love the song game and the fact you love Colorado. The fact Maria asks, “Where’s Craiggy” on a regular basis.
Tom: Always making time to take my calls and listen to me vent.
Julie: Taking great care of our owners and wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Ed: For being the mover and shaker that you are, but your extreme humbleness.
Chet: Your sense of humor and laughing at my lame jokes. Oh, and your love for food.
Mike: Your quick wit that’s very subtle and also the fact you and I have a Filipino connection.
Clayton: How easy you are to talk to- I look forward to talking a lot more.
John from Denver: Your ability to joke the joke but still make it funny the second time around. The fact you love Breaking Bad and that you resemble “Mr. White”.
Dawne: Your support for your husband- it’s one of the biggest reasons he is successful. Also, your hostility every time we visit.
Jamie: For genuinely being a great person and friend. For letting me stay at your house and eat your food.
Teri: For always being so stylish and having a great laugh.
Jason: For cleaning my kitchen sink., but more importantly, for your enthusiasm.
Julia: I don’t know you well yet, but thankful for being part of the Hoff & Leigh family. I can’t wait to get to you better!! I am really looking forward to your first trip out to CO!
Lissette: Your go-getter attitude. Way to go on your new medical listings. That’s impressive!
Brett Ogden: Your willingness to help- it’s refreshing.
Noah: Your terminology used daily, for example, “Street Pharmacist”. Your ability to make awesome gravy.

I am so thankful for this organization and the people who are part of it!

Happy Thanksgiving. Gobble.



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