Q2 Hoff & Leigh Blog Competition

And the scores are (Q2 Hoff & Leigh SEO Competition- Prize is $1500 for the office, second place is first loser so only one office will win):

Salt Lake: 26 Points

Castle Rock: 25 Points

Colorado Springs: 1 Point

Akron: 0

Akron: Really good showing.

I would group Colorado Springs with Akron’s outstanding performance, but we have three blogs in the Queue. And some other things in the works. So, look out CR and SLC!

And by the way, both CR and SLC have it going on. Salt Lake/ Castle Rock are writing some killer blogs and both SLC and CR are getting actual traffic for their blog posts. I told Mike Fondario, we might just have another Tim Leigh on our hands. Mike’s latest blog is going to engage and interrupt readers, much like many of the articles my Dad publishes. You will gain listings, activity, and clients if you keep it up.

So how am I? I know you were just dying to find out.

Wrote 4 sale contracts, finalized 3 leases, and took two new listings this week. BOOM! But wait. There’s more.

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!! RD and I became the lucky recipients of the “Multiple Children w/ Simultaneous RSV Contest.”

“Well Mrs. Trinidad. Tell the audience how you are feeling about your exciting win?”

“I’m just thrilled. And not just one, but two! What are the odds? Goody, Goody, Goody. Who knew there was more than one “gift that keeps on giving!?”

“Well that’s sure neat. Thanks for playing. We hope you come back soon. And now back to the show.”

Frankly, I am no longer stressed, just annoyed.

What’s most annoying of all is hanging out at the hospital and the nurses thinking you are a “strange parent” because you actually stick around and help. Apparently, and this comes from multiple sources, the majority of children in Pediatrics get left by their parents until they get better.

Can you seriously imagine just dumping your 2 year old off at the hospital? “See ya later, Maria! Have fun with a bunch of strangers when you need your Mother’s love the most!”

Most of the nurses have been really awesome. I have been the favorite student because I am here (really sad that’s a differentiator) and always willing to give a helping hand. However, I think there is one nurse that doesn’t like me. Pam.  I didn’t laugh at her initial joke about being a respiratory therapist nurse by the name of Pam. I think she was trying to make a joke relating respiratory therapy “chest therapist”  to being named Pam. What other “Pam” is associated with the chest? Pam Anderson. But I can’t be sure this was what she was referencing. She had three variations of the joke. All three times I was so confused by the whole grouping of words, I had a blank look on my face as if she was speaking Chinese. I don’t speak Chinese. Really I was just trying to figure out the joke.

Then she told me her personality was like babies and lullaby’s – easily put to sleep by the sound of her voice. This reference I understood and readily laughed. I don’t think that was meant to be a joke.

So here I am on Saturday night. Third night in a row at the hospital. RD at home with Maria having an equally exciting Saturday night. We do it for Family. Wouldn’t change a thing.

Hope you are having a great weekend with your family. Thank you for the kind emails, phone calls and texts. We are not in recovery yet, but both girls are making strides. Thank you for being part of the Hoff & Leigh Family.


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